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Software : Top 10 Windows Vista Facts

Top 10 Interesting and Informative Facts about Windows Vista :D

Windows Vista

1. Complete Name:
It is the only Windows ever with a complete name. (All others were either named after the years they were released in e.g Windows 95/98/2000 or named in short formed abbreviations e.g. Windows NT, Windows XP)

2. Largest Operating System Ever:
It is the largest Windows OS coming out. It is 1.4 times bigger than Windows XP (Meaning if you rate Windows Vista as 5 stars, then Windows Vista gets 7 stars definitely). Windows Vista will have the maximun number of editions too.

3. Graphics Hardware:
It will be the only Windows OS that will make use of the available hardware for its graphics needs.

4. Windows Sidebar:
It is the first Windows OS to have a integrated sidebar and widgets in it.

5. Aero Styles:
Though Aero Themes and Glassy Windows Styles are not uncommon. Windows Vista would still be the first Windows OS ever to use the Aero Style as default Windows Style.

6. Logon Music:
As Informed by Vista developers, It is the the only Windows OS to have the longest Startup/Logon Music ever.

7. Logoff Music:
Just as Vista is unique regarding the new logon music feature, it is also unique in the sense that it is the first Windows OS ever to have a human voice in Logoff/Shutdown music (Yes, Vista will have Female voice in Logoff Music).

8. Vista Beta Versions:
Vista boasts to own the most BETA versions as an OS (Windows XP got less).

9. Error Detection:
Windows Vista, if hangs, will tell us the reason why Windows has hung. It will be the only OS to tell us why it has hung up.

10. Microsoft Claim:
According to a claim by Microsoft, Vista cannot be hacked and it is difficult for Viruses to infect it. But with all those security holes it doesnt seem like a true fact now does it? ;)

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Softwares : Top 5 Orkut Software and Utilities

Essentials : Softwares

A list of Top 5 Orkut Utilities :) to make your surfing scrapping and posting more easy and fast.

1) Orkut Toolbar (Recommended):

orkut toolbar

With Orkut Toolbar all you need is to type your entire text without any formatting code and then select the desired parts of the text and apply the format using the toolbar buttons. A very useful and must have utility indeed.

2) Orkut Cute:

Orkut Cute is a freeware program which let you send scraps (the public messages that anyone can leave on anyone else’s profile) to all your friends in Orkut and all your other online social networking communities. The program also informs you when you receive new scraps and new topics in yours communities.


  • Alerts you when you receive new scraps.
  • Scrap all of your friends (be careful with this one).
  • Receive notifications when forums are updated.

3) Scrapboy:


Scrapboy is a kind of browser for orkut. By Using Scrapboy you can browse orkut and know when you or your friends receive new scraps. Sending scraps from your desktop is also as easy as writing an instant message. Keeping in touch with your friends was never more fun and easy. :D

4) Orkut Scrap Helper:


  • Scrap those who have scrapped you in a single step.
  • Persistent link to Your scrapbook.

5) Sorkut:

This toolbar searches the threads with specific words in the title. Just give the commumity id of the community you want to search, enter the search term and click Search. Its basically an automation that an ultra patient person would go through for searching the threads he wants.

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Softwares: RapidHacker Final Build 2.0 **LATEST**

Essential : Softwares

RapidHacker Final Build 2.0

Author: xyr0x
Langauge: Visual Basic, MS VisualC++
ReleaseDate: February 13th, 2007.
Platforms: Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, home/pro, Windows Vista

New features
- Change Resolution For better appearance, is it's designed under 1024x768 Display
- Better Cookie Removal (Fixed some issues)
- Restore (Now RapidHacker restores your Internet Configuration, back to its original configuration)
- Put as Default for OnPageLoad, when applications executed. (neat advertising imho for my favorite site in the whole worlds!) haha
- Changed GUI to darker appearance, instead of boring Gray.
- Added some detailed information where specified/clicked around the program.

NOTES: Even though RapidHacker, says RapidHacker, it can also be used for any other Download site.
e.g Megaupload, and soforth. I just chose RapidHacker, just to anounce it as it takes advantage of

Download :

Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Validation:updated v1.7.17.0

Hacking Windows

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Install Notes:
1. Extract into a new empty folder
2. Run installer.bat


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Essential : New:-Free Rapidshare Premium Account Notifier, Rapidchek

Essential Software

Rapidshare often gives away their free rapidshare premium accounts, but you may not know when the free rapidshare premium accounts are really available

Here is an interesting tool Rapidcheck which will stay at the system tray area and it will warn you when rapidshare gives their free rapidshare premium account with an information baloon tooltip.

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